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Adventure Tour to Sikkim

Adventure Tour to Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the forty three landlocked countries in the world, which means that the country has no coastline and no access to sea or ocean. However, this beautiful country nestled and tucked away in the Himalayas in India’s North East Corner, is without question one of the very special parts of India. It has stunning green unspoilt mountains full of orchids, butterflies, monasteries, and home to some of the gentlest people.

The gentle beauty of this country should not be underestimated, as it will give tourists and travelers an unforgettable lifetime experience with enchanting places to visit, unique explorations to do, and thrilling adventure tours. Adventure tour to Sikkim can be arranged for you by an online travel agency of your preference; websites can also help you learn more about the place you want to visit in Sikkim as Sikkim is divided into four districts: East Sikkim, West Sikkim, North Sikkim, and South Sikkim.

If you’re planning your next vacation, why not try an adventure tour to Sikkim. One of the best parts of East Sikkim that you can visit is its headquarters, Gangtok. Gangtok is a city that you could only imagine in story books. On the streets of this city you’ll find amidst brightly painted pagoda roofs and smiling people, are silver, silk, spice, jewelry and other goods that collectors of imported goods would delight on. Prayer flags whip in the breeze in mystery-laden mists, with mumbling sounds of invocations to God by Lamas. In the distance will show snow, the hill of Lukshyma directly overlooks the city. The “Mother of Pearl” is a refuge of the magic mountain, Khang-Chen-Dzod-Nga.

An adventure tour to Sikkim will leave you stunned after you have visited the sightseeing and excursion places like:

Do-Drul Chorten (Stupa)
Built by the late Trulsi Rimpoche in 1945-46, this is one of the most significant and biggest stupas found in Sikkim which is encircled by 108 prayer wheels.
Deer park
This park is rests on top of a hillside that plunges almost vertically deep into the valley and offers a good view of the hills surrounding Gangtok.
Tashi View Point
This place offers an astonishing view of the Khangchendzonga snowy range during clear days, the Phodong and the Labrang monasteries on the opposite hill, and a nice shed with cafeteria to rest, relax and provide amenities to tourists. A park is also above view point that is a good place for picnic.
Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden
This garden is a captivating and calming experience among the abundant green vegetation, rare plants and trees, and some species of Himalayan orchids and flowers. This garden is a combination of tropical and temperate plants, which also has an enormous greenhouse for many species of orchids.
Vacations are always the best way to unwind which combined with adventure, they can bring about the most excellent, satisfying and fulfilling experience. Get that gear ready and do that adventure tour to Sikkim.