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Advice on divorce

Advice on divorce

The end of a relationship can be devastating for a married couple, and the emotional and physical toll it takes on those involved can be difficult. Unfortunately, it is common that many relationships end acrimoniously, involving hours arguing over money, property, and children. Getting advice on divorce in order to know the laws both in your state and country is critical.

Of course every country has its own particular rules and legislation, so I will use the US as an example. There is a vast amount of information available that can give you advice on divorce, and innumerable businesses offering help for an additional fee (on top of the paperwork) that each state requires for filing. If you would like to do the divorce cheaply, and have little property or money to contend with, then you may want to do it yourself. This is a fairly straightforward process but will require a little research and time than if you were to have someone do it for you.

The first place to search if you would like advice on divorce is through the worldwide web. You can trawl through the vast amounts of information about documents and procedures for your particular situation and needs. The Internet is a good starting point to find out just where you stand legally, and normally you can get advice on divorce free from governmental websites.

The Internet also showcases a wide array of organisations willing to provide advice on divorce for a small fee. These groups are schooled in the divorce process and know the process inside and out. They often will do all the paperwork for you and have representatives that can lodge your papers with the court. Depending on which site you choose, some will charge more than others for providing assistance and advice on divorce.

Any city council in the state that you reside in will have the correct paperwork that you can use to file for divorce. These usually come at no cost and are easily downloadable from the Internet. Their advice on divorce is normally free, but you may have to make an appointment with a counsellor who can advise you on the process. Some states require that you appear in court before issuing you the divorce decree – others require that you have been in the state longer than six months before you are allowed to file.

Books that provide advice on divorce are readily available at most major bookstores, and give step-by-step guidelines on how to go through the process. Filing for divorce can be a little like filing for taxes – and people can get flustered and confused with each itemized form that must be filled out. Books are a great way to understand the legal process at your own pace.

And lastly, lawyers are always the most known sources of advice on divorce. Be warned however, that the fees can be very high and you are not always assured on getting the result you want. Lawyers however, may be able to navigate the legal process labyrinth and will fight your case should it become messy. If you need a lawyer to speak to a judge over the rights to your children or major assets, than they will prove necessary. Who you ask for advice on divorce will largely depend on your situation, but it is advisable that you explore all options before calling up the first lawyer you know once the damage is irreparable.