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America’s Amazing New England Coast

America’s Amazing New England Coast

Centuries ago, the pilgrims and other explorers that discovered America caught a phenomenal sight in the distance. Too long at sea, they saw the eastern coastline of North America and they were overwhelmed by its beauty and grace. Today, most of us first see the actual coast that borders the US continent with the Atlantic Ocean from the land side. But it is no less stunning from our side as it was from theirs.

For one of those sightseeing trips where you get the feeling you are discovering something for the very first time, a trip up and down the east coast of North America can’t be beat. Route one from Acadia State park in far northeast Maine all the way down to Cape Cod offers so many out of the way places to discover that your spirit of adventure will definitely be challenged.

One of the most charming things about the coast of Maine and Massachusetts is the little towns that populate that rugged coast line. As you travel the winding trail of route one you will pass through dozens of fascinating New England towns that will call to you to explore them. So give in to the call and take some time to enjoy what these seaside communities have to offer. And don’t overlook those small ocean view diners. Some of the best seafood that can be had in America will come out of those folksy kitchens.

A popular photo diary of your trip up the coast of New England will include the many lighthouses you will see. These are not there just for their scenic beauty. There was a time when these were crucial for the protection of seafaring vassals to keep them from shipwreck in foggy or stormy conditions. Each one has a story to tell and if you take the tour, you will be transported to a different time full of colorful characters and wonderful adventures as well. And don’t miss that photograph because the lighthouses are indeed beautiful as they stand majestically against the backdrop of the mighty ocean.

Many of these quaint seaside communities have much to show off to their honored guests so you may find quite charming accommodations along the way. You can visit the memorials or even current resident towns of several American presidents such as Campobello Island, home of the Roosevelt International Park or Kennebunkport, Maine, current residence of former President George Herbert Walker Bush or Bush 41 as many call him.

Along with great food, wonderful gift shops and great sights to see, it’s easy to find excursions out to sea offered at reasonable prices along the coast of New England. A whale watching tour can be a real thrill if you are successful in finding the mighty ocean animals ready to surface and thrill a boat load of sightseers. Keep that camera ready because they can come up at any time and be gone just as fast. It almost seems like they are showing off as they blow their might columns of spray into the air. And you know what? They probably are.

In addition to an exciting boat ride out to sea to snap photos of those phenomenal whales, a deep sea fishing trip can scratch the itch for a seafaring adventure for many a landlubber. In little New England towns like Gloucester, Massachusetts or Ogunquit, Maine, you can join a charter boat that will take you and hour and a half out to sea to drop a line and land some of those beasts that call the Atlantic waters their home. Be careful about seasickness and be prepared as you see the shoreline disappear and you look around to only the sight of water in all directions. But store these memories in your sightseeing fond recollections because it will be experience you will not soon forget.

These are just a few of the many fun and fascinating things you will discover up and down the New England Coast. From the reenactment of a pilgrim village to the chance to take a photo standing next to Plymouth Rock, the mixture of adventure, the out of doors, the spray of the ocean and history guarantee a trip that the whole family will treasure for years to come. And it will be an outstanding addition to your sightseeing book of memories as you take in the wonderful things to see and do in this amazing country in which we live. 749