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Avoid Divorce

Avoid Divorce

Today, divorce seems to be the penicillin to all marriage problems. Married couples who are struggling with personal and business challenges don’t bother to fix the problem and avoid divorce. Instead, they embrace it and see divorce as an easy, convenient end to a bad marriage.

It does not help that divorce is socially acceptable. Thus, at the first sign of trouble in a relationship, couples consider it as their first choice in solving the problem.

But divorce is not a cure to all the problems that you, as a couple, are having. In fact, it could often lead to more serious problems, such as financial, housing, and joint custody.

Why avoid divorce?

After a divorce, a former partner is said to feel depressed and lonely. He or she may withdraw from any social gatherings because his or her previous marriage that ended badly has put such a dent on his or her self-image and self-worth. Or he or she may quickly end up in one bad relationship after another in an effort to dispel the loneliness.

You don’t want this to happen to yourself. Partners should not consider divorce just because “everyone else is doing it – and they survived.” Rather, you should avoid divorce at all cost, leaving it only as an alternative when everything else fails.

Your parents, siblings, and friends would tell you otherwise. However, their opinion should only have, at most, a persuasive effect on your decision. They should not be the one to decide whether or not your marriage is still worth saving. The relationship that you have with your spouse is personal, private and unique. No matter what people say, you and no one else really know what is really going on between you and your partner.

Divorce is not easy.

Hire a great divorce attorney to make everything smooth and easy for you. While this may be true at some level, divorce, no matter how smooth and easy, puts much stress on both you and your partner.

There is no such thing as an “easy divorce.” It is a very stressful and emotional process – one that you are not going to forget any time soon after the papers have been signed.

Now, you might say that a troubled marriage is no walk in the park either, so that when you work to avoid divorce, you are giving yourself a harder time than you should.

But all relationships that are worth your while require hard work. A lot of it. In order to make a marriage work and avoid divorce, some changes must be done. But don’t make the mistake of being able to change your partner’s personality. You can change small habits, but you can never change the whole person. You must accept this or start looking for someone else.