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Becoming The Master Of A Virtual Pet

Becoming The Master Of A Virtual Pet

An animal kept as a pet distinguishes itself from other animals confined within certain human boundaries. Livestock serves a specific purpose, as do laboratory animals, sport animals and working animals such as plow horses. But what purpose do pet animals actually serve?

It is not uncommon to see stars and the rich and famous at some red carpet event or some televised gala carrying something in the palm of their hand, something with bulging eyes that makes this little yelping sound that some say is a bark. Then you take a closer look, and lo and behold, it is a dog, or a kind of dog anyway. A hairless, size-less creature with eyes much too big for its head and a 5-carat diamond bracelet-turned-collar around its neck, weighing it down.

So the question is, what purpose is there in carrying around an animal like that? Companionship? Allow us to doubt this. It simply does not, it simply cannot register in my mind that such a “dog” can provide anything more than annoyance. Is it just for show? Is it a trend? What is happening nowadays that a pet is no longer selected from the ranks of the typical domestic species that best serves the purpose of amusement, affection and company? What ever happened to having a nice siamese cat, a lovely yellow canary, a cute cocker spaniel or an adorable hamster? It seems that such notions have been replaced by more exotic alternatives.

Snakes, endangered species, tigers and the like are becoming more and more popular as possible pets. They must bring with them a feeling of uniqueness to their owners, making them stand out from the average family with the common pet. Since these category of pets do tend to be expensive, only those with sufficient money to invest and indulge in these little whims can afford to do so. Uncommon pets can cost a pretty penny, without taking into account all the gadgets and gizmos that they seem to vitally need, you know, diamond bracelet/collars, Louis Vuitton carrying case, designer sweaters and booties, and on and on. After all, if one is to carry around scary looking animals in one´s hand, might as well try to make them look a bit more attractive.
In the end, these kind of pets are not about love nor companionship, I think; they are about show and pictures and society papers. So go get your absurd looking animal and pop by Tiffany´s and Louis Vuitton. If anything, these pets are an excellent excuse for shopping. And who doesn´t like shopping?