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Belize Adventure Tours

Belize Adventure Tours

Where is Belize? This English-speaking, democratic nation, blessed with marvelous variety of bio-geographic regions, lies on the eastern coast of Central America, on the Caribbean Sea, bounded by Mexico to the northwest and Guatemala to the south and west. It stretches one hundred sixty five miles from the Yucatan Peninsula to the Bay of Honduras. It is home to one of the longest barrier reef in Western Hemisphere, the Belize Barrier Reef that showcases a diversity of habitats, hundreds of islands, mangrove ranges, a lot of coral reefs, widespread shallow water flats, numerous tiny cayes, and miles of unexplored beaches that provides an extraordinary experience in diving, fishing, and snorkeling.

However, this beautiful place is more than just water sports destination, in just a few hours you can travel from the coral reefs to the biggest remaining territory of undisturbed rainforests in all of Central America which is an abode to amazing wildlife such as the tayra, agouti, jaguar, Baird’s tapir, howler monkey, colorful tropical birds like trogons, orependolas, trogons, and the legendary harpy eagle. This place will let you journey through the most breathtaking places combined with a wonderful culture, and there’s no best way to do that but with a Belize adventure tours package.

Belize adventure tours may offer either inland or islands adventure or sometimes both. Depending on what you want to do, Belize adventure tours are a great way to experience them all. Here are some great Belize adventure tours:

Island Expeditions – Glover Reef and Mayan Caves
This Belize adventure tour is a seven-day and eight-night tour. It’ll give you an opportunity to experience the variety of the rainforest and the rich Mayan culture of the interior. You can also enjoy a float down a rainforest river exploring an unbelievable limestone cave. You also go to a group of tropical islands embraced by turquoise lagoon and enclosed by living coral reefs just thirty six miles offshore from mainland Belize. Glover’s Reef Atoll is one of the richest tropical marine settings in the whole Caribbean. Then get to indulge in the bounty of fresh seafood, tropical fruits, island baking, and delicious deserts.

Tropical Belize Tours – Horseback Ride and Explore Xunantunich
This Belize adventure tour gives you a different taste of the island. The tour starts at 6:00 am from your resort or hotel for a scenic drive to San Ignacio Town in the Cayo district, and then a guide meets you at Mayawalk Office for a three hour horseback riding adventure. After lunch will be a thrilling journey to Xunantunich Maya Ruins, then a hike to the top of El Castillo. The tour will be for two hours and then return to Placencia through air-conditioned van for a swim before sunset and dinner.

These are just some of the great Belize adventure tours that you can get hold of for that adventure vacation you have been looking for. You can find a lot of online tour agencies that can give you the best deals and packages, just don’t forget to bring that camera to capture that one-shot of perfect moment.