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Causes of Divorce

Causes of Divorce

Summary: Some causes of divorce have made marriage a rather easy exercise that can be cast and shape and die at will, especially by abusive and deceitful partners

Back in the old days in Mesopotamia, marriages do exist in a different form such that divorces were documented because they happen. Some causes of divorce at these times take account of adultery. Though since polygamy was a standard practice at these times we can only speculate the reasons for adultery in divorce.

While early forms of marriage and the causes of divorce did exist even in the cradle of civilization, the practice carried on until this century. The causes of divorce is still the same though recent additions to its grounds have made marriage a rather easy exercise that can be cast and shape and die at will, especially by those abusive and deceitful spouses.

The most abused option, the one most recognized and tarnished ground is the No Fault Divorce. The no fault divorce allows either party of the marriage to sue for a divorce with reasons like irreconcilable differences as the grounds. By reading the decree alone you can see a great deal on how such loopholes can be abused. For instance: a husband can file for a divorce without letting the wife know, citing irreconcilable differences. It would be approved and the wife will be forced out of the home and closed from all the family finances. Likewise an adulterer wife becomes pregnant in an affair, and before the husband can mount a legal action, she mounts her own divorce that will allow her to take a portion of the properties owned in marriage, custody plus child rearing expenses of the children, and a portion for herself from the spousal support. To combat such abuses, some state allow no fault divorces only after when the couple has been living apart for several years and have been in marriage for a set period of time.

No fault causes of divorce had been a classic tactic for a deceiving spouse seeking financial advantages since its implementation, also known as “character assassination with a lawyer”. And due to its easy nature to pull of, no fault divorce had been a factor for the increased rate of divorces in the US alone.

The opposite for no fault is the Faulted Divorce which causes of divorce includes extra-marital affairs, strained relationship (which can also be a ground for No Fault), emotional and physical abuse, middle life crisis, several types of addictions including alcoholism, gambling, and substance, and severe workaholic attitude.

Unlike in the past when the churches hold the authority to null a marriage, causes of divorce are very few and at most strict. Since the inception of liberal ideas and the propagation of open-minded ideals and values, the causes of divorce have become more plentiful than the causes for marriages can ever be.