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Cheap Holidays In Eilat

Cheap Holidays In Eilat

Are you planning your cheap holidays to Eilat? Then you know that the Red Sea is the one place to spend a great deal of your time. Many people have not heard about Dolphin Reef. It is spectacular and untouched by the rest of world. This area has become known for swimming with the dolphins and having fun. The water is warm and the dolphins are playful. The Gulf of Eilat is the well-known diving area in Eilat. There is nothing like it anywhere else. The coral is bright with color as well as the fish. You might see a lionfish (poisonous), a sea turtle or even a shark.

If you think scuba diving is out of the question, you can put on a snorkeling mask and view the underwater habitants this way. If you think getting wet is not the answer, you can enjoy a ride on the submarine, glass bottom boat or you might enjoy the Underwater Observatory. Once you have had your thrill of the water, you can enjoy the land attractions. Your cheap holidays to Eilat on land are just as exciting. You can try some hiking, mountain biking or even jumping down the cliffs. The cliff jumping is a little scary, but still exciting.

Bird watchers love to plan their cheap holidays to Eilat. Over a billion birds travel over the area when migrating from place to place. The best times to see the birds during migration are between September and November and again between March and May. The International Bird watching Center is located in Eilat. If you take a ride north to Timna Valley National Park, you can explore the desert by camel, jeep or hiking. The lake is artificial and is very popular for swimming.

If your cheap holidays to Eilat need more adventures, you can tour the Hai Bar Wildlife Reserve. You will find endangered species as well as rare animals. Now everyone enjoys the days in Eilat, but the nights are just as wonderful and exciting. The Unplugged Bar is a popular place in Eilat. The other hot spots are just exciting and located around area hotels. If you are looking for more daytime adventure, the Amazing World theme park is a place for the entire family to enjoy. However, you will find the Texas Ranch in Eilat pretty impressive. You can tour the ranch and then take a camel ride or try your luck at horseback riding.

Cheap holidays in Eilat that include hotel accommodations are going to take you to some of the finest areas Eilat has to offer. You will have plenty of excitement and some great beaches to enjoy as well. You can plan a day trip, night activities and just relax on a beach or by the pool. The journey is one you will not forget. The last thing you should know about Eilat is that everyone likes to have fun. The people are polite and friendly and you never have to worry about being anywhere.