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Costa Rica Adventure Travel

Costa Rica Adventure Travel

Costa Rica is the paradise of adventure lovers and adventure seekers. Costa Rica adventure travel will bring travelers to a world of great diversity of adventures, from various beautiful beaches together with great water sports, to acres of lush tropical forests, to an active volcano, and to some of the most excellent sports fishing in the world.

Travelers can wonder at the plentiful Costa Rica wildlife as they slither atop the trees in a canopy tour of their Costa Rica adventure travel. Or they can dive amidst the beautiful coral reefs and amazing marine life. Or gawk at caves and islands along the country’s over seven-hundred fifty miles of shoreline, or simply stalk the splendid and mysterious quetzal, known to be the most striking bird on earth.

Organized Costa Rica adventure travel packages are very popular and they are the stress-free way to book a Costa Rica vacation. A lot of tourists combine different activities into one package and others concentrate on one sport such as fishing or golf. Costa Rica adventure travel tour operators are often able to offer lower rates because they are able to come up with certain number of guests promise to lodges and hotels, than rates that one can get on their own. Many of these operators also join up with the services of qualified guides or naturalist to help travelers who are part of the tour to get the most of their trip to Costa Rica.

Fishing is one of the Costa Rica adventure travel that visitors may want to indulge in. The country offers excellent big game and freshwater fishing with the Pacific coast thriving with billfish, marlin, snook, and sailfish. The Caribbean coast on the other hand is famous for its craggy coastline and its inlets, canals, and coves lively with tarpon. In the north central Costa Rica, Avenel Lake is filled with deep as well as stunning mountain scenery.

Eco-tourism is also one of the many reasons that tourists book Costa Rica adventure travel. The country is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to non-invasive tourism. In general, an eco-lodge is dedicated to lessening its impact on the environment and supporting both the residents of the local community and the local conservation efforts. Poloma Lodge near Drake Bay is one of the excellent eco-lodges where wildlife and a variety of bird life sail nightly past your porch. The Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp is within a walk to the crashing surf, while the Tortuga Lodge is set along the Caribbean canal near the major sea-turtle nesting spot.

Diving and snorkeling in the country’s many miles of shoreline, is an essential part of most Costa Rica adventure travels where the numerous reefs, caves, islands, and rocks off the coast creates an interesting water exploration.

Costa Rica adventure travels are limitless; this small country offers each adventurer a rich, unique, and enjoyable thrilling activities to make you next Costa Rica vacation unforgettable