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Costa Rica Nature Tour

Costa Rica Nature Tour

Lush green vegetation, hot springs, wondrous volcanoes, and fascinating fauna – Costa Rica is indeed a nature lover’s delight. And what better way to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer than by booking a Costa Rica nature tour? Whether you are all for wildlife, waterfalls, beaches, islands, volcanoes, national parks or jungles, a Costa Rica nature tour has it all.

Bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean and situated right in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is teeming with many natural wonders and diverse microclimates that will take your breath away.

The country boasts of two seasons – wet and dry, with more on the former than the latter. Owing to such abundance of rain, you can expect your Costa Rica nature tour to include treks or boat trips along rivers and through rainforests.

Costa Rica nature tours are often led by experienced local guides. What’s more, companies that offer Costa Rica nature tours often provide you with transportation and information also, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the scenery instead of a map.

Below are some ideas for your Costa Rica nature tour:

Greenway Nature Tours

Greenway Nature Tours offers some excellent Costa Rica nature tours that are personalized, efficient, and safe. The company has been operating for over eight years throughout most of Central America, including Costa Rica and the Caribbean. So when it comes to expertise providing you with a coast to coast Costa Rica nature tour that matches your budget, Greenway Nature Tours is the tour company to book with.

Besides Costa Rica tours, Greenway Nature Tours also provides selections of eco adventures and lifestyle vacations like fishing, student travel, honeymoon, family eco adventures, surfing, and so much more.

Costa Rica Expeditions

Since 1978, Costa Rica Expeditions has been providing tourists and travelers to Costa Rica excellent selections of tours and vacation packages that allow you to best appreciate the stunning natural beauty of this country that many call the “Jewel of Central America.”

From flora and fauna, people and culture, to wild and beautiful places, Costa Rica Expeditions creates the perfect Costa Rica nature tour for you, one where the core is wilderness adventure and natural history.


Traveling with the whole family in tow? You will find the perfect tour company match in Horizontes Nature Tours. Since 1984, Horizontes has been designing Costa Rica nature tours that specifically cater to families, honeymooners, and adventurists alike. With a Horizontes Costa Rica nature tour, you are taken to the country’s most beautiful and biodiversity-rich destinations, teeming with wild lands and conservation areas.

One of the most popular Costa Rica nature tour packages that Horizontes offers is its Rainforest Adventure tour. A “classic Horizontes” ecotourism vacation, the Rainforest Adventure has all the amenities of a Costa Rica nature tour with just a touch of adventure travel.