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Dating Regrets

Dating Regrets

We all laugh at everyone’s dating disaster in some way. We all pretend to be very saddened by the person’s situation. But deep in our mind we are either snickering or thinking “what if that happened to me?” That’s why we just all laugh at those dating disasters because it helps compensate the pain. Here is a list of dating disasters or regrets that we could learn from.

1. Never date a married person. Dating a married person always guarantees disaster. This relationship will always be about deceit, lies and cheating. The unmarried party will also be led to expect something that could or might never happen; which is being in a serious relationship with the married person. It might also bother your conscience that you are destroying the life of the married couple. This relationship or dating period will never ever work out and be fun. It will always be filled with doubt.

2. Most people regret not settling down with their childhood sweetheart or 1st love at college. They always believe that there will be more fish out there so why settle down? There might be more fish out there but do they actually fit your taste and personality. Compared to that proven fish that you have already established with your childhood sweetheart or 1st college love. Some people who didn’t marry their childhood sweetheart will only think that they have settled for 2nd best only. This will be unfair to the other party, because you will always be thinking about that 1st love.

3. People always regret not taking the offer of the date when the offer was there. People will always ask the “what if” question. Just imagine all the girls who turned down Bill Gates now. Bottom line give the person a chance, it won’t hurt to have a sip of coffee for only 30 minutes. You might even find out you might click.

4. People also regret not ending a really bad relationship earlier. There might have been a time during the bad relationship that there was someone better who would’ve wanted to be with you. But because you were in that bad relationship you passed out on that other wonderful person. So if you think you’re just not in the right situation have the courage to end it.

These are the things that most people have regretted during their dating period. In fact some of their regrets ended up in disastrous “what ifs?” Be wise, have the balance of following your head and heart at the same time. Only you will know what is right for you.