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Divorce Lawyers: Saviors or Sinners?

Divorce Lawyers: Saviors or Sinners?

The bible says: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder…” – this makes everyone’s marriage holy and sacred. The church teaches that the two who enters into such, should do everything possible to make the marriage work.

On the other hand, there is this stand that one should not be made to suffer in the hands of an abusive spouse – or an irresponsible one at that. Thus, the legal remedy – divorce.

Divorce lawyers have been seen on the one hand as the facilitators of their freedom from a cruel home, and a wife-beating husband. So they have been considered as saviors by those currently having no more hope left of their oppressive or perhaps adulterous spouses. These divorce lawyers make possible liberty from such unhealthy partnership, giving answer to the plight of unfortunate spouses.

An extremist on the other hand, while blaming the legal system for such a remedy, finds its common and easy target – the divorce lawyers. On actively carrying out its role in the divorce process, these divorce lawyers are perceived in a bad light by radical individuals or groups.

Both sides actually have valid points, and combined would result: marriage is sacred, but no one should be compelled to stay and suffer in an unhealthy and harsh relationship.

First of all, we can respect the holiness of marriage. Each spouse should do everything he or she can to keep the marriage intact. A spouse must exhaust all efforts and remedies available for use. Communicating to the other spouse your thoughts and feelings, asking both sides of the family – your husband’s and your own, to come in and help, availing marriage counseling services, and asking the help of a priest in your locality are such ways of addressing your problem.

Second, after all things have been done, but still nothing works, then this should be the only time a spouse should be considering hiring divorce lawyers to come in and help in the separation process. One can’t be allowed to suffer that much, just for the sake of marriage – when everything has been done to make the marriage work and the other would just not cooperate. Would it be humane you think, and would it be God’s wish to force one to commit to a relationship that could endanger one’s safety and even one’s life?

Divorce lawyers are here to help. They facilitate the separation process so that each will leave the table with what is due to each side, as the law deems to be fair.