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Facts on Dominican Republic

Facts on Dominican Republic

Did you know that members of the armed forces and the police are not allowed to vote in the Dominican Republic? There are several facts on Dominican Republic that few of us know about.

For one, just because the Dominican Republic has some of the world’s best beaches does not mean its national sport is swimming. Guess again. It is actually baseball. We probably all know the basic facts on Dominican Republic like it shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and that it was the first colony discovered by Christopher Columbus. And who wouldn’t know that Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic? Or that the language spoken all over the island is Spanish?

The population of the Dominican Republic is over 8 million as per a year-2000 survey, placing the growth rate at 1.64%. About 95% of this population are Roman Catholics comprised by such ethnic groups as 16% white, 11% black, and 73% mixed. These known facts on Dominican Republic are most likely not new to you. The reality that it was under Spanish rule for most of its existence has made the island predominantly Catholic. No wonder that its capital city, Santo Domingo, is home to some of the world’s “firsts” – first university, cathedral, monastery and hospital. Historical facts on Dominican Republic involving its deep roots to Catholicism has also been said to have influenced the origin of its name. People believe that the Italian name “Dominic” was a basis for its name because it is given to babies who are born on a Sunday and the island was allegedly discovered on the same day.

There are other facts on Dominican Republic that some people might find interestingly funny. Like, a man who wish to marry in the Dominican Republic must be 16 years old and the woman 15 years old. Those who do not meet the age requirement but still insist on getting hitched are not likely to have their wishes even with a parent’s consent.

One of the fun facts on Dominican Republic is their divorce law. It allows divorce procedure to proceed without the appearance of any of the parties involved through a Special Power of Attorney. The entire divorce process only takes an hour. This fast and simple unbinding of the marriage vows are not recognized in some states in the U.S. and other foreign countries.

One of the strangest facts on Dominican Republic is the age requirement for those who wish to secure a car rental. Most companies require you to be 25 years old while some allow those who are 21. Don’t you find it strange that a 16-year old is old enough to marry but young enough to drive? I do.