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Get Rid Of Fleas – The Way To Do It

Get Rid Of Fleas – The Way To Do It

Summer is here and so are the Fleas!

Amid the joy of seeing the arrival of Summer, your headache of having to deal with fleas is really not something that you would look forward to.
Many people have deem flea control as an uphill task and some has even think that it is simply impossible to get rid of fleas or even to keep them under a tolerable level.

Is that really true? Well, not if you follow what I would call an integrated plan to flea control.

The reason why many people failed in their attempts is because they just simply do not understand the whole life cycle of the fleas. Its not only fleas that you are dealing with. You have to be aware that killing off the adult fleas would not solve your problem. You have to deal with the problem as a whole and that means you have to deal with the eggs, the larva and the pupae from which the fleas are developed. Many people do not realize this and hence are complaining that is just a “mission impossible”.

Your choice of a flea-control product also plays an important role. Choose the wrong product and it may either harm your pets or that it’s not effective at all. There are many anti-flea products available in the market but your choice is dependable on which stage of the life cycle of the flea you are dealing with. Some are active only against adult fleas and not effective in killing off eggs, larvae etc.

Another reason why many people failed in their attempts in controlling fleas is because they are focus only on their pets. They see fleas on their pets and quite reasonably would assume that the problem lies in their pets. Aggressively applying one after another anti-flea product on their pets. However, little did they know that there are thousand more around the environment waiting to jump back onto the poor dog or cat for food. This is why treating or taking care of the surrounding environment is just as important in your war against these pests.

An Integrated plan in flea control involved dealing with the fleas in totality.

  1. Use the right products and method
  2. Treat your pets
  3. Treat your house, the surrounding environment, gardens and yards.

Leave any of this out and you are heading for failure again.