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It is amazing to me how life works out sometimes

It is amazing to me how life works out sometimes

My husband’s sister is a kind hearted woman. She was married to a man for nineteen years that was verbally abusive towards her. He was an alcoholic that was also addicted to gambling. He gambled away a severance package that she had received from an employer. He did not want children so he had a vasectomy without telling her. She finally had the courage one day to walk out on him and filed for a divorce. She bought a condominium and created a new life for herself. She went out with friends and started golfing on a league and began traveling. She also had dates and a long term relationship. Last fall she told me that she never wanted to get married again. She was happy with her life and did not want to take the chance of being trapped in another bad situation. I was very surprised when less than seven months later she arrives at our house introducing us to her fiancé. They were wearing matching blue sapphire rings that they bought for each other and had plans to marry in two months.

They had known each other at work for two years. The man is a widower. His wife died after a two year battle with cancer. They talked each day at work and one day decided to go out to lunch together. At this lunch date they discovered they were both born in the month of September. They had many other things in common, including living only two miles from each other. They began walking together in the evenings. On these long walks they discovered that they enjoyed each other’s company and that they were both feeling lonely with their single life style. They decided that they would get married. The blue sapphire rings were a symbol to them of a new beginning as well as being their birthstones. My sister-in-law showed me the diamond ring that she would receive on her wedding day. It looked more like a traditional engagement ring. She wanted to wear the blue sapphire rings as her engagement ring because she loved it so much. The ring was very unique it had a band of channel sapphires in the middle and a band of channel diamonds on either side. It is so good to see how happy she is. I know that fate has brought these two together. I hope they will continue to enjoy each other’s company.