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Luster Of Kennels Rapidly Fading

Luster Of Kennels Rapidly Fading

When people go out of town for a few days, whether on business or vacation, they may not always have a friend or relative willing or able to take care of the family pets. One opportunity for a unique type of business can be total house and pet care services. Not willing to hire someone to live in their house while they are gone, some are willing to have a company offer daycare services for their pets as well as their home. This allows the pet owner to take advantage of many things.

Leaving lights on a timer is one way to dissuade burglars from entering their home, and everyone knows the danger of allowing mail and newspapers to accumulate on the porch, but it often not possible to have a neighbor bring them in every day. Those away on long vacations may be uneasy about allowing flowers to go unwatered and the lawn unmowed and this is where can offer a valuable service.

A pet and house sitting service can be operated out of the home, but will require numerous trips throughout the day. You can insure the lawns are kept neat and trimmed while making sure outdoor plants are watered. While you are there, you can feed the inside pets, walk the dog, pick up the mail and newspapers and put them in the house. You can also adjust the timers on lights so that they come on at different times throughout the day and night, to give the home a more occupied appearance.

Of course, to open this type of business you will need to be insured and bonded against any types of claims that may arise from the work. Accidentally leaving the door unlocked during a scheduled visit or failing to activate an alarm system may leave you liable for any loss or damage. But this type of business insurance is not overly expensive and is considered part of the cost of doing business.

Think about the town in which you live and the number of potential clients that may need your services. Instead of taking the family dog or cat to a kennel it can stay at home and the owner will know they are in their familiar surroundings being fed their normal diet and getting the proper exercise every day. Some families may have different types of pets for which temporary homes cannot be found, such as lizards and birds. Leaving them large amounts of food hoping to hold them over until the family returns is one option, but knowing your services will supply fresh food an water daily can allow the family to enjoy their time away. Many pet owners care deeply about the welfare of their pets and are willing to pay for someone who will offer this type of service.

Essentially, the business can offer whatever services are required by different clients and once you have made a name for yourself as being dependable and trustworthy, word of mouth advertising may create a need to expand your business as it grows.