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Nature Trip – Ferry To Greenland

Nature Trip – Ferry To Greenland

Ferries, aside from trains, have remained one of the top means of transportation in Europe. It is a convenient, fun, safe, and cheap way to travel from one waterside city or country to the next, serving a gateway to different islands for people from other parts of the world. Aside from being a form of transportation, ferries or cruise ships serve as an option to a relaxing vacation. People sometimes book cruise trips that lets them see various sights and experience different culture in a ride that is a welcome part of the vacation. Ferries service areas such as Greenland, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Holland, Paris, Sweden, and other countries in the west such as the United States and around the globe.

Vacation via Ferry to Greenland

Greenland is the largest island and the largest dependent territory in the world. It is part of the Kingdom of Denmark though it enjoys the freedom to manage internal affairs and make internal decisions. Greenland is surrounded by big bodies of water; namely the Greenland Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and Baffin Bay making it one of the favorite stops to visit during a cruise trip. But aside from vacation cruising, ferry to Greenland trips are also an ideal way to get to Greenland and stay awhile with its numerous ports scattered around its huge coastline.

Before the World War II, Greenland can only be reached through boats. It was only after the WWII that airports were constructed. They say Greenland is best discovered through the sea. These days, Greenland is one of the favorite vacation spots for nature lovers of the world. It is also best to tour the island by ferrying around the coast of Greenland in a classic Greenlandic coastal vessel and see the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes. Riding a ferry to Greenland is also a fun way to experience the whale safari, one of the tourist attractions of the island. Aside from the whales, musk ox is also a must see in the island. There are other unique experiences for tourist in Greenland like watching the Northern dancing lights also known as Aurora Borealis which can be seen during winter, watching the midnight sun, and, of course, taking in the wonders of the Greenland Ice Caps. Travelers can also enjoy great hiking trips, from short hikes to week-long hikes with guides, dog sleighing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Ferry to Greenland – A Fun Way to Travel

Although some ferries carry freight, they mostly carry tourist and travelers. Ferries are a nice way to travel especially for those with time to spare. There are different kinds of ferries. These are the double-ended whose bows and stern can be interchanged when needed; the hydrofoil whose advantage is higher cruising speed; the catamaran that is known for high speed; the roll on-roll off ferries, also known as RoRo that has easy loading and unloading of vehicles; the cruiseferry which combines the features of a cruise ship and a RoRo; the fast Rofax which has a relatively large garage and passenger capacity; and the cable ferry which is used only for short distance traveling.
Local travel agencies or the World Wide Web can provide booking services and information as to what type of ferry is available from the place nearest you to a trip to Greenland.