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Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Hotels

It was not too long ago that it was nearly impossible to travel with your pet. No matter what type of pet it was, cat, dog, or another type of pet, they were absolutely not tolerated in hotels, at least not the upscale, more trendy hotels. If you were traveling with your pet, it meant that you generally only had the choice of low budget, less trendy hotels. Things are definitely changing for the better.

Hotel chains are beginning to realize that for most pet owners, their pets are a big part of their family. This means that it is very rare for a pet owner to travel without heir pet. Take a look around you, at celebrities, and other people. You will see that more often than not, their pets go with them everywhere they go, this includes on vacation.

Hotels are seeing this and stepping up to the tasks. Many hotel chains now not only accept pets, but also have several amenities geared directly towards pets. For instance, if you are out and about at meetings or functions, the hotel may have someone to watch your pet for you until you return.

For busy people, the hotel may also provide a service for walking your pet or taking them for exercises. If that was not enough several of the more trendy and upscale hotel chains offer even more for your pet. For example, you may find the hotel offers a pet spa, in which your pet can enjoy pampering and relaxation during their vacation as well. Your pet can enjoy all the same amenities that you do in some of the more popular hotel chains.

Can you imagine the time has finally come when pets are considered a very important member of the family? Your pet may have their own bed; turn down service, or even their very own robe. The hotel may even provide water and food dishes for your pet or even an ID tag that lists the contact information of the hotel you are staying at, in case your pet were to become lost.

Gone are the days of having to choose only seedy or low budget hotels, just because you are traveling with your beloved pet. Today, pets are welcomed at most hotels across the world.