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Put Your Personal Trainer in Your Pocket With iTRAIN

Put Your Personal Trainer in Your Pocket With iTRAIN

Public Virtual fitness training is the new format – these courses are available for the public to register online. The new online-personal training service can be used as a primary contact with your personal
fitness trainer or as a supplement to your personal training package.

iTRAIN is a breakthrough, Web-based product that provides personalized audio fitness classes to consumers who want the benefits of
a personal trainer at an affordable price. Its customized workouts combine Hollywood personal trainers and music entertainment in one package.
It is a subscription-based program in which personalized workouts are downloaded to your MP3 player of choice.

iTrain is a revolutionary idea that’s lending even more justification for the purchase of your MP3 player and giving you added punch every
time you step in the gym. The breakthrough is a welcomed (and cost-effective) new tool for attaining and maintaining a healthy fitness level,
providing engaging content and music.

The fundamental principle of optimum natural health and fitness is moderation and balance in allthings.
Health is a journey rather than a destination. Health and fitness are the basics for quality living. It is a personal
thing and a lot of people have a lot of issues that they’re embarrassed about or are not comfortable sharing with others.
They are essential to high levels of human performance, regardless of the kind of performance involved.
It is known to reduce absenteeism, raise productivity, and increase employee safety practices and morale.
Healthy, fit people are less susceptible to depression or anxiety. They are also known as essential to happiness and longevity.

Health and fitness are not mutually inclusive although the one affects the other. Health risks arising
from obesity include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease, and prostate, colon and breast cancer.
Virtual Training is an e-mailbased, interactive training program designed to provide our busiest clients withthe expertise,
attention, and flexibility needed to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Put Your Personal Trainer in Your Pocket with iTRAIN. It is a new hot fitness tool that allows users to download workouts
onto any MP3 players. iTRAIN is the voice that won’t let you give up. It was creates as a portable workout device to bring the world’s
top trainers’ voices to people everywhere. It is the premier source for downloadable workout programs.
“iTrain is great for people on the go: it’s a personal trainer
in your pocket for an entertaining workout anytime, anywhere,” said Fanny Morere, an iTrain spokesperson.
Unlike other programs on the market, iTrain includes all aspects of health and is under the supervision of
healthcare professionals and is designed for success.
Conclusion Itrain is really a unique concept, a great idea for the way we work, live and workout.
iTRAIN now has over 120 workouts in 10 difference categories, for people ranging from marathoners to first-timers.