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Sea Kayaking: Alaska Wilderness

Sea Kayaking: Alaska Wilderness

Sea kayaking in Alaska lets you create your own adventure, while escaping the responsibilities you have left behind. Alaska offers a unique combination of education and adventure so you can enjoy the beautiful nature all around you.

Alaska offers a variety of different kayaking opportunities such as paddling and rapid riding. You can also hike, camp, fish, bird watch, and get up close with the sea mammals like sea otters, whales, seals, and dolphins. Most kayaking groups are informal and move at a leisurely pace. This insures that you will have the most relaxing trip possible, and give you time to enjoy your surroundings.

In the Alaskan wilderness, you never know what you will find, which is why sea kayaking is so exciting. There are many times when you could happen upon something unexpected and unique. Things such as dolphins swimming in the water beside your canoe, or sea lions playing at a rest stop provide for a one of a kind experience and a great video opportunity.

The most important thing to consider when planning a sea kayaking trip is hiring a professional kayaking tour guide that knows the waters and is very committed to saving and preserving the wilderness and environment. You should make sure that your tour guide is practicing environmentally safe procedures. Then you will be able to kayak and learn about Alaska and the vastness of the land, the animals, and the flora but also understand the importance of saving it so that it can be passed down from one generation to the next so your children and your children’s children can also sea kayak.

When hiring a tour guide you should make sure that their number one priority is your safety, not an adventure themselves. Their concern for your safety should be reflecting in everything they do. He or she should have completed the necessary training and first aid courses as well as wilderness first responder’s courses and emergency medicine. Your tour guide should also carry a satellite phone or some other communication to the outside world because most of the kayaking locations are remote and out of touch.

No matter how long you would like to go for, whether it be one, two, or seven days, there are many wonderful experiences to be had. For example, you could take a trip to the Kenai Fjords National Park, a favorite destination for sea kayakers for some of the most amazing and diverse adventures in all of Alaska. Or you might want to have a backcountry experience that offers an escape from the clamor of everyday life, and just lets you get away from it all.