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What better way to get to Italy than by the sea? Sure, airplane ride takes you there fast — so fast in fact that you only get the tiniest glimpse of the green sea, splendid cliffs, and the magical snow-capped Alps. And before you know it, the plane has touched down and off you go to that ultimate Italian vacation.

Sea travel to Italy offers you more than a bird’s eye view of what Italy has in store for you. Whether you opt to ride a large luxury cruise ship or the smaller vessels, sea travel to Italy would prove to be more than an overnight fling. What’s with the countless amenities offered by cruise ships such as swimming pools and numerous activities onboard. These, plus a view of the endless beauty of the sea will greatly enhance one’s pleasure of a vacation. The large cruise ships cover major Italian sea ports in the cities of Rome, Genoa, Naples and Venice. Smaller vessels are good to go in smaller ports like the ones in the islands of Capri and Sardinia. Italy has basically an extensive maritime links. It has about 650 kilometers of navigable waterways which are connected by a special network. Its islands are linked with ferries and hydroplane services. While regular boat service is available throughout the year, services are more frequent during summer.

Sea travel to Italy will take you on a reverie. It will take you on a grand tour of a beautiful paradise, unseen from the window of a plane. Nothing beats the smell of seawater and the sun’s rays on your face as you watch the beauty of Italy’s nature right from the deck of the boat. The calm ocean and the amazing mountains can never be more emphasized than by seeing it unfolding slowly during a sea travel to Italy.

Forget the fact that cruising demands a great deal out of your vacation time. But isn’t it going to be the start of the vacation itself? A nice vacation is one where you can appreciate the things that you haven’t otherwise considered to see. Besides, there are cruise routes that will take you to ports where you can be fascinated with some Gothic architecture, art galleries and museum, and even world-famous structures like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Sea travel to Italy and within Italy will take you to several places you never even knew about. Mount Vesuvius and the ancient city of Pompeii which was buried in volcanic ash way back 79 A.D. can be seen while taking a cruise. And ultimately, the city of canals, Venice, is home to more than 120 islands — all linked by an amazing network of canals. And while we’re at it, who would ever want to miss out on the romantic gondola ride? Sentimental schmuck or not, sea travel to Italy definitely beats any other means.