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Separation Relationships – Is It Really Over

Separation Relationships – Is It Really Over

Separation relationships are often the step that comes before divorce but that is not always the case. Some relationships need help to get through a rough patch and even if it has come to a separation there may still be hope of reunited and making the relationship work. If you both still love one another and still want the relationship to work, then it can be saved if you both put in the effort.

Separation relationships are always between married couples, they can happen to any long term relationship. Separation will usually occur when a relationship has been on rocky grounds for a while and one or both partners feel that they need to part ways and see how things go. Sometimes they just need a break and some time to themselves to think about the future of the relationship.

Couples may often separate if an infidelity has occurred and been discovered and the partner that has been cheated on needs some space and some time to think things through. Any breach of trust between two people can lead to a separation, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent. Separation doesn’t need to be a step on the way to divorce or a permanent break up, it can be a period used to heal and then make the relationship stronger.

If a relationship is completely 100% over and one person will not even consider getting back together then they usually don’t go down the path of a separation relationship but will instead just end the relationship completely. Separation is usually a time when a couple needs to figure out just where the relationship is heading and how to move forward.

If you agree to a separation because you don’t want to hurt your partner but you really have no intention of ever going back to them, then this will just hurt them more in the long term. Postponing the hurt doesn’t make it any easier but you may just be giving them false hope of the relationship being restored.

In a separation relationship both partners are willing to think things through and be open to the idea of giving the relationship another go. It doesn’t always end up with a happy relationship but it does mean that you both still want to try and make it work.

If you are in a separation relationship you need to give your partner space so they can take the time that they need to think about their life and their future. You shouldn’t try to rush them into coming back or that may send them in the other direction, you want to give them all the time they need and when they are ready they will come back. Let them know that you still love them and want them back but don’t rush them.

Letting them know that you love them and want them back doesn’t mean telling them constantly and harassing them every day. By harassing them you are not letting them have the space that they need to think things through. You might need to just take things slowly for a while.

If your partner has cheated on you then you are the one that will probably need some space to figure out if you want to take them back. If this was a one off incident then it may be something that you are willing to forgive and move on with the relationship. If you were the one to commit the infidelity then you need to assure your partner that it will never happen again and then give them the space that they need to deal with their emotions and thoughts.

When you are in a separation relationship you need to treat your partner with respect and give them the space they need. Try to work things through together and there is a good chance that you may get back together and have a happy future together.