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Single Parent Adoption

Single Parent Adoption

In the early days of adoption, singles are often denied to adopt a child. Many of the agencies believe that raising a child in an unnatural environment might affect the child’s mental growth and development. But, many have argued that parenting is a matter of choice. If someone really wants to venture into parenthood by his or her own, there is no problem about that as long as he or she is stable enough to support and raise the child. Single parent adoption is no big deal. After all, thousands of children are out there in foster homes longing for love and support, so why be picky when you are aware of this fact?

Well, moved by some reasonable reasons and evidences, some state laws now deemed single parent adoption legal. Certain statistics have shown that in the last 20 years there have been an ever growing number of single parent adoptions, and today with the outlook of this concept becoming encouraging, single parent adoption is widely accepted and the number of adoptions by single parents might soar up high by the following years.

But, what are the reasons behind the single parent adoption?

Numerous studies have revealed that single females and males have largely considered adoptions for a variety of reasons, most are personal. Perhaps one of the major reasons is the fact that every one has the desire to nurture and share life as a family. Understand that this is not only exclusive for married couples. The truth of the matter is, singles do feel this need. Many, in fact, have claimed that living life singly is incomplete, so they rather seek for children available for adoption than marry and have kids. Well, many of these single consider single parent adoption for fear of knowing that they are infertile, or those who feel that having a child out of wedlock is intolerable.

Also, most singles consider single parent adoption knowing that they can provide a better life for those children living in foster homes or in institutions that cannot provide them with their basic needs. Along with this factor, another possible reason that triggers singles to consider adoption is loneliness. Loneliness in the sense that many of those who have failed to establish a happy family have felt the need to share their life with one of those special children. It’s nice to know then that with all these reasons, single parents approach adoption process with the same dedication and commitment showed by most couples.

Today single parent adoption is becoming prevalent. Perhaps a major factor that causes this ever growing acceptance of single parent adoption is the growing number of one parent households caused by divorce. It is due to divorce actually that adoption by single parents now finds a much more solid ground. Many early critics of adoption have now turned into this concept recognizing that single parents who have concentrated in their careers and have established a stable home can truly support a child financially and emotionally than those divorced parents who are dealing with emotional and financial stress.