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Tips About Cats Not Dogs

Tips About Cats Not Dogs

As a dog lover why would you want to know about cats not dogs? Hey! It never hurts to look on the other side of the stone. However, if you are a true dog lover the thought of owning a cat may well be the last thing you want to think about. This article will give you some new things to consider about cats not dogs.

Have you ever really thought about why you prefer a dog over a cat? You need to consider that you may have been influenced by your parents and other family members. Their preference became your preference. And if you check you may well find their preference came from their family.

However, by having an open mind, you may discover that felines are not “evil personified” as you may have been taught by your folks.

One of the tales passed on through the years has been the myth that a cat will steal your baby’s breath away. Years ago this type of myth was called an “old wife’s tale”. There is no scientific basis for this kind of reasoning.

Many feline experts feel when a cat gets into an infants face, it is simply satisfying its natural instinct; for wanting to know what’s new in its life. Cats are creatures of habit and when sudden changes come into their life, it takes them time to acclimate to the change. There is no intent to harm.

Cats not dogs have a tendency to be more independent. Often times though the feline is just upset because something new has occurred. You will quickly learn this by observing the way the cat reacts if you move or change the food and water dish. In most cases if you move the dish back to its original position, your kitty will quickly get over its snit.

What is hard for a lot of dog lovers to grasp is that cats can be trained, just as well or better than most dogs. True, cats may not be trained to be police dogs or rescue animals, but they can be trained to do the following:
• Walk on a leash
• Fetch
• Walk on balance beam
• Beg
• Play dead
• Roll over
• And many other tricks

A great many cats, regardless of breed, are extremely loyal to their master and the master’s family. They can sense the mood changes you, as a human may have. They are very sensitive to anger and high stressful situations. It is not unusual for them to try and comfort you when you are sad or lonely.

Another misconception, which many dog lovers have, is that cats are not affectionate. Big mistake! These wonderful balls of fur love to be loved and love to return love. When you return home in an evening, they may not jump all over you, but they will be rubbing and purring to get your attention.

Did you know that cat’s can talk to you? Well, they can communicate with vocal sounds. They also use body language for different situations. Many cat experts believe that every sound a feline can make has a meaning. Such as:
1. Meowing – Attention needed
2. Caterwauling – Warning
3. Purring – Contentment

As you observe and listen to the cat you will pick up on their “talking”

You will find if you have an open mind a cat can be a welcome addition to families that love pets. Cats not dogs may be your next pet.