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Traveling without your dog or cat can be stressful

Traveling without your dog or cat can be stressful

Finding a hotel is often fairly easy if you are traveling on business. All you really need is a comfortable room, with computer access that is close to where your meeting is going to take place. If you want to bring your dog or cat along you have to take that into consideration when searching for accommodations. Not all hotels allow for pets so it’s important to inquire during the booking process. You can do this either on the phone when you call the hotel to make a reservation or by looking over their pet policy when booking online. There are usually at least a few pet friendly rentals in every city.

Families need to do the same thing if they want to bring their family pet on their next trip. Traveling by car with an animal can be a great idea as long as the animal is in a small kennel. This can be viewed as restrictive for the cat or dog, but it’s actually the safest way to transport them. If an accident were to occur, the animal could be seriously injured if it’s just roaming freely around the vehicle. This is the very reason why you have to have your animal in a cage when you are traveling by air.

Once you get to your destination you should give the animal a few minutes to get acquainted with their new surroundings. Most pet friendly rentals have a certain number of rooms set aside just for their pet friendly guests so don’t be surprised if your animal picks up the scent of the previous furry tenant. Also pack along enough of your pet’s food for the trip. Many pets are sensitive to being moved and they might feel even more out of sorts if they are presented with a new food while away from home.

Ensuring that your pet doesn’t have any unwelcome accidents is your responsibility while on vacation. If you have to leave the animal alone in the room, put it in the kennel you brought with you. The cleaning staff at most pet friendly rentals generally are very comfortable around animals, but you don’t want your dog or cat getting spooked by the stranger who enters the room.

It’s often a good idea to take the animal to someone’s house for a visit before you venture out on your holiday. This will give it a chance to see new surroundings and also understand that it will get to go back to its own bed and environment. Help your dog or cat feel comfortable when you go to pet friendly rentals and you’ll both have a great time away from home.