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Visiting Canada? Take a tour with Mothership Adventures!

Visiting Canada? Take a tour with Mothership Adventures!

In Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find one of the best kayaking adventures available in the country. Known as Mothership Adventures, this guided kayak tour company goes above and beyond the normal kayak excursion, by providing its clients a comfortable journey out to sea aboard the “mothership”, vessel Columbia III. You’ll experience views of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and genuine welcome from the crew and staff. This is sure to be an unforgettable adventure for people of all ages!

Mothership Adventures offers three different kayaking excursions to choose from. The first of these is the Desolation Sound Tour. For this tour, you will depart from the beautiful Campbell River aboard the mothership and set sail for the quiet and tranquil Desolation Sound, known for its abundant marine life with different mammals and sea birds. Once you arrive, you’ll step off the mothership and into your tandem kayak, where you’ll paddle through the tiny passageways. This allows you to explore Desolation Sound without missing a single breathtaking view.

The second tour available through Mothership Adventures is The Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait Kayak Tour. The Broughton Archipelago is a quiet setting for the wildlife, and is often unaccessible to private kayakers. The mothership anchors itself in a tiny corner, allowing kayakers aboard to explore areas that would otherwise never be seen. You’ll set sail from Port McNeill and sail past the beautiful Coast Mountaints. This provides an excellent opportunity for some great photography! Broughton Archipelago is home to many aquatic and terrestial animals. You’ll spot harbor seals, otter, and occassionally a family of bald eagles nesting in the trees along the shoreline. You’ll also see white-sided dolphins frolicking in the gentle waves, and you may even spot a black bear as he fishes for his dinner!

The last tour is the Great Bear Rainforest Kayaking Tour, which is said to be the best sea kayaking available in Canada. This week long excursion allows kayakers to take in the beauty and immaculate wilderness of British Columbia’s wild central coast. This area provides kayakers with a closer glimpse of the abundant wildlife that inihibit the iselts between the Coast Mountaints. Sea and river otters are frequent attractions, as well as black bears and sea lions. Stop for a picnic lunch along the white sandy beaches, and board the mothership for your return home.

All of the Columbia III kayak adventures are usually a week long and are all-inclusive. Gourmet meals, snacks, private rooms, and all kayaking equipment are provided. Prices vary depending on the tour you select, but the typical price range is $1690 – $3528 per person. You do not need any prior experience in kayaking to participate in the tours, and you will receive a complete packing list prior to your arrival so you know exactly what to bring. However, space is extremely limited for each tour, so be sure to reserve your tour as soon as possible.