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What is the Tode in Lotto Online?

The tode is an unproportional penis, but it’s not the only problem Matt has. He has a huge head as well. His “tode” is also a mystery, as the name has nothing to do with the actual marsh in the Westlands. The word “tode” comes from the Middle English spelling of toad, which was considered a demonic creature. The German word for toad is tode, which means death. Although the origin of the term is unknown, the name is becoming popular and will be included in the next edition of the dictionary.

The name “Tode” stands for “Total Orghn Dose Equivalent”. In other words, the TODE is the equivalent of one cubic meter of TNT (Terrestrum Orghnium). The TODE represents the toxic dose of a chemical to the body. While toxins are toxic to the body, the TODE is not. The body will detoxify itself by breaking down TNT, allowing it to survive.

Fechner maintained his world view in his satirical book Das Biichlein Vom Leben Nach dem Tode. It was originally published in 1836 under the pseudonym Dr. Mises. This satirical novel was republished by the author in 1866 and 1887. The text is an attempt to prove that Sokrates was guilty of murder and wrongful death. Irwin points out that the form of a substance is not only what causes it, but how it manifests itself.

The TODE is a type of radioactive substance. If you’ve ever seen a television show that showed a person on a plane and they were dead, you’ve probably seen a TODE advertisement. That’s not just a joke; it’s a real life experience. And the author had a point. It’s all about realism. There’s tode หวย for us to make a fool of ourselves over trivial details.

The TODE acronym stands for “Total Organ Dose Equivalent.” This definition has many facets. A person’s TODE is a measure of the amount of toxic substances that a patient has received from a given dose. It is used to determine the effects of drugs on organs and the level of radiation in an individual. To date, this method is considered the most accurate and reliable for predicting the tide. It is not just a good tool for assessing the severity of a toxic substance.

The TODE acronym stands for “Total Organ Dose Equivalent” in the medical world. It is also an acronym for the word “abandonment.” A TODE is a way to evaluate how a drug is affecting a person’s life. The meanings of the term can differ from place to place. The first is that it can increase the amount of toxic waste a person is exposed to. The second is that it can cause harm to the body.