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What not to Compost

What not to Compost

There are many things you can use to make a good compost humus (which is what the
final product is called). There are also quite a few items that should never go into your
compost bin. Listed below are many of the materials you should not try to compost and
why it is not a good idea.

Ashes from charcoal should not be added to your compost, you can add very small
amount of ashes from a fire that was made with untreated wood. It is not a good idea to
add a lot though because it can change the composition and make it too alkaline.

Do not add any kind of droppings from an animal that is not a vegetarian. Animals that
pass the compost inspection include horses, cows, rabbits, and goats. You can even add
droppings from hamster or other indoor pets. But stay away from bird, dog, and cat
droppings (including cat litter). They all can contain harmful organisms.

Any type of animal waste such as leftover meat, oil, bones, or fish waste are off-limits.
They all can cause your pile to smell badly and can attract unwanted pests.

Milk, yogurt, cheese, or any other milk product should be added with caution. They all
will attract animals and pests. If you do decide to add them, do so in small amounts and
cover them with plenty of brown food afterwards.

You can add weeds, but you should take care to ensure your composting is functioning
properly. If your compost is not generating enough heat the weeds will not be destroyed
and can grow again once you spread your compost. You can dry your weeds on a
sidewalk or on some concrete before added to the pile as an added precaution to make
sure they do not survive.